Architectural &
Interior Visualization

Make the communication effortless and understandable with clear visual aid for your architecture & interior projects.

There's a lot of elements that goes into a convincing room or building.


Architectural & Interior visualization for the architect for Stian Hviding, and Sandland Holding


Different engines, different results

Here I show the difference between render engines. You can save time if precision isn't important

Readmade bathroom I ported to Cinema 4d, Arnold & Physical render. You'll find the original file her.

I want to show different qualities I deliver. For the best render result I use Arnold Render. You can say it's not much difference between the Physical Render with GI vs Arnold Render. But it's in the details. If you look at the window frame there's light leakage, and the soaped bath doesn't look right. But the Physical GI is good for most cases, but it depends if the pictures are going to be studied close.


How many object do you need to create a room? In this test I explored that. Answer = a whole lot