The steps toward
Animation & VFX


To make great animation or motion design, you follow some clever methods to be sure nothing is lost on the road. Because of the really time consuming part of computer generating the finished images, animations are made several times within different stages.

I do not do classic drawing animation, but if needed I have contacts.


Motion Stages


First we go through the idea process and set up a concept. We need a story, a way to communicate the content. Depending on the project, this can be done in different ways.

The story is then tested through storyboarding. I mostly do this as simple as possible, making rough sketches with clear descriptions.

Animatic is a term for an animated storyboard. Here I do simple drawings edited to music & sound to find the right tempo for the story. For it to be understandable and enjoyable, the editing is vital.

Style frames and concept art are then made to define the finished look. I like to visualize three images from selected cuts of the story.

Previz, or pre-visualization, are made for 3D projects. This is a simplified version made to find the right movements and getting ready to hit the render button.

In the end we’re at the composition stage. Having a finished render, I  find visual enhancements to add extra dimension, or for instance combine 3D images to live footage.


Show Reel

My Show Reel is a summary of my favorite work. I've made a couple of reels over the years, the first came to existence in 2009. I’ve also made show reels for other firms.

Explainer Videos & Commercials

I've done a lot of explainer videos. Some tells a brand’s story, others are video product presentations or commercials.


Broadcast Identities

I've done a couple of broadcast identities in collaboration with Sixty. These are vignettes and other animated graphics for the TV screen.